The beginning of the 21st century all across our planet is marked by visions of the new way of life in the future. The main underlying causes for such a change are the increasing use of natural energy sources, such as the sunlight, air and water, as well as the latest technological advances with no parallel in today’s world, computer being the most significant of all.

Whenever our planet has faced the difficulties that we as the race are facing today, it was also battling economic crises which consequently caused new wars and diseases.

The world today is more or less suffering from the same crises, and for them to be resolved more easily, it is necessary to establish a communication with all the members of the human race via the universally comprehensible language of art and sports.

The town of Valjevo, standing at the very heart of Serbia, has maintained a 27-year-long tradition of organizing an international art festival, which has always been wholeheartedly supported by the International Art Studio.

All of us working at the International Art Studio strongly believe that in addition to its national significance Tesnjarske Večeri also has an international value. This is why as part of this year’s festival, the International Art Studio Radovan Trnavac Mića has organized an exhibition of renowned international artists: Armando Marino (Cuba), Alexander Zhernokluev (Russia), Anatoly G. (the Ukraine), Nikolaus Hip (Germany), Setena Ozbek (Turkey), Steven Carner (the USA), Geoffrey Parr (England), Edgar Can Lopez (Mexico), Victor Tichonov (Russia), Chrisztof Vachovliak (Poland), Son Cha Yong (South Korea) and Eva Mela (Greece).

As part of the 27th annual manifestation Tešnjarske večeri, on Friday the 9th August at 18.30, the International Art Studio Radovan Trnavac Mića presented an exhibition of artwork from Cuba, Russia, the Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, the USA, England, Mexico, Belarus, Poland, South Korea and Greece.

On this occasion, the visitors were rewarded with an exquisite performance of the music trio Amoroso, consisted of Nevena Nikolić on the flute, Aleksandra Milivojević on the violin and Milica Prodanović on the piano, all music teachers from Valjevo’s Music School Živorad Grbić.