For this year traditional Summer festival “Tešnjar Evenings” Studio organized an exhibition with the theme of Tešnjar Nights itself. It is the biggest, the most popular manifestation with huge publicity and it last 9 days/nights. The opening of the show in our Gallery was scheduled  for the forth night of the Official Festival Programme. As a part of Studio`s Collection Exhibiotion we presented and exhibited some artworks for the first time. These for-the-first-time-seen artworks have been created during some artists in residence programme and staying of some ours guest-artists in Valjevo throughout the period of Festival.

The visitors had the opportunity to see the premiere of artworks by South African artist Andrew Dandheni Nhlangwini and Russian artists Natalia Bazhenova and Alexandr Zhernokluyev.

In accordance with the idea to dedicate the evening in the Studio to young talents opening program of the exhibition was attended by local Music School students of violin, flute and cello who have been allready awarded for thier music performance. Also the Programme included the youngest art creators who are members of Culural Center`s Visual Art Studio with their menthor  Katarina Marinković.