January 14 is the date when Serbian people celebrate Orthodox New Year’s Day and the International Art Studio organized a surprise for children without parental care who live in our city. Studio wanted to cheer up 74 of these children by giving them presents for Orthodox New Year. This humane gesture started on  December 23 2014 at the official opening of Radovan Trnavac Mića retrospective exhibition “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. For Mića’s exhibition, Studio specially printed poster/reproduction of one of his works. Each visitor donated 500 dinars (nearly 5€) and received the poster with the original signature of the artist Radovan Trnavac Mića. Money raised this way was used for the purchase of New Year’s gifts for youngsters without parental care. We succeed to make this children happy only for a moment and we are glad that we done some good did for them.

Printing shop “Valjevo print” and  Atelier “Vitez” also took part in this event along with the International Art Studio as a main organizer.