The exhibition “Belarusian painters” opened on May 31, 2012. The five Belarusian artists featured at this exhibition: Victoria Ilina (Вікторыя Ільіна), Victor Shilko, (Віктар Шылко), Anna Tikhonova (Ганна Ціханава), Vladimir Kozhuch (Уладімір Кожух) and Victor Tikhonov (Віктар Ціханаў), are genuine representatives of the versatile contemporary Belarusian art scene. Their works clearly articulate ideas of both modern and postmodern tendencies, thus taking active part in the contemporary world art trends. They do so by dying the European experience influences of original national motifs.

The exhibition was officially opened by His Excellence Mr. Vladimir Chushev, Ambassador of Belarus in Serbia, saying among other things the following: “I am convinced that today’s event will become another step in the development of Belarusian and Serbian relationship and allow you to keep in touch with Belarus culture that to some extent reflects the spirit and mentality of our ancient Slavic people. In Belarus, we always with respect and warmth relate to the Serbian people, known for their courage and diligence, a very ancient history and rich cultural tradition. Spiritual and cultural ties between our nations that have historically formed our Orthodox unity and interpersonal contacts represent a reliable basis for further development of cooperation between Belarus and Serbia.” On this occasion, the Ambassador presented the Diploma which rewards International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mića” for active collaboration and presentation of contemporary Belarusian art.

The tranquility, with which Victoria Ilyina observes life, or more precisely, urban life, is simply mesmerizing, as her paintings’ urban motifs frequently accept different rhythms. Victoria Ilyina notices complexity in simple things and strives to emphasize the exhilaration of, one might say, mundane existence. Her drawing accuracy, impeccable choice of colour schemes and consistent rotation of architectural forms create an environment of truly harmonious spatial rhythms. She gives a masterful and accurate graphic detailing of both houses and trees, but also unsuspecting passers-by.

Vladimir Kozhuch’s art is emerged in emotions. His work of the recent years is predominantly of lyrical orientation. It is consisted of a colourful surface embroidered with extraordinary female characters. Vladimir Kozhuch’s each composition gravitates towards a stronger harmony, while his paintings express the eternal, constantly changeable, gradually vanishing, and yet so utterly appealing gradation of the world’s rhythm.

Anna Tikhonova is the brightest representative of the Belarusian graphic arts school. The mere fact that she has gained highest recognitions in various international competitions is a testimony to the high quality of the Belarusian graphic arts. Her extensive experience in the field of engraving has enabled her to find most adequate solutions in her compositions. The virtuosity of her drawings and accurately guided lineage allows for perfect expressions of various philosophical and ontological themes.

Victor Shilko is the successor of the best traditions of the Russian Avant-garde, started in the 1920s in his home town of Vitebsk. The basis of his conception of the world consists of the principles of the colourful and compositional creation of paintings, as well as the quest for artistic spirituality. Victor Shilko, a true magician, skillfully manipulates coloured dots of different sizes, thus creating an atmosphere of apparition and inviting spectators to stir up their fantasies and join this playful act.

Victor Tikhonov’s paintings will not be new to the Serbian public, as he has already exhibited, not only in Belgrade, but also in Valjevo’s International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mića”. The studio’s gallery featured his solo exhibition in 2009 and showed his film “The Sorrow of Deserted Villages”. The exhibition was a true success and this year Victor Tikhonov is showing his new cycle entitled “Winter Motifs”.

During the opening ceremony visitors had the opportunity to hear chamber music ensemble consisting of students of the local Secondary School of Music: Djordje Jovanović – 1st violin, Elzbieta Čuba – 2nd violin, Tamara Damjanović – viola and Nadja Petrović – cello. This string quartet under supervision of Professor Aleksandra Milivojević, presented “Quartet in D Major” by the composer Charles Stamitz. Two young cellists and sisters Nadia and Nina Petrović, 3rd year students of the local Music High School played “Duo for Cello in G Major” by composer Kumar.