On the first day of June Studio opened solo exhibition of paintings and objects “From Imagination to Reality and Beyond…” by Hungarian artist Ferenc Maurits, who in addition to fine art successfully writes poetry. Audience was able to see five different opuses from this author done with pencil and acrylic on paper as well as 12 objects dating from 1992 to 2011.

Looking at the works of Ferenc Maurits, his obsession with lines, their complicated schedule and skilful interwoven is noticeable. These lines often receive contours of some terrifying creatures. Many of his works are inspired by literature works and motifs, which he as author does not hide at all.

Art critic Zoltan Sebek in his text “Sketches of the Soul” notes that the figure of Maurits are “so immaterial that light of varying intensities, i.e. colors, penetrate them almost unobstructed. That which blocks the light, the line which sometimes undulates lazily or oscillates gently or even contracts spasmodically into a knot, is of a spiritual nature rather than of a physical one.

String Quartet (Jana Rašić – 1st violin, Mitar Jovanović – 2nd violin, Nevena Lukić – viola and Katarina Marković – Cello) of the local Music School performed at grand opening. These young and talented high school music students presented “Hungarian Dance” by German composer Johannes Brahms and “String Quartet No. 1” of the Austrian composer Franz Schubert. The audience also enjoyed in “Concerto for Solo Flute” and solo singing of  Schubert’s “Danksagung an den Bach “, both performed by the young flautist and soprano Jovana Kojić.