Every year International Art Studio takes place in the traditional cultural and music Summer festival called “Tešnjar Nights”, which this year celebrated its 30th anniversary.  As a part of this huge Summer event Studio opened on August 9 exhibition called “Venezuela in Walter De Leon’s canvases”. As the title says, art lovers had the opportunity to see solo exhibition of Walter De Leon, a prominent Venezuelan artist, who with his  own particular way of painting made enchanting landscapes of Venezuela and natural beauty of this wonderful South American country much closer to Serbian pople.

Using oil on canvas as a technique Walter De Leon clearly stated that the figurative painting is his passion, as well as his unquestionable fascination with the natural beauty of Venezuela, Carribian country which eradiates contrasts in every way. On 22 mostly medium format art works that are presented,  luxury Venezuelan nature is recognisable and spectator can feel a powerful force of tropical landscapes.

Acclaimed Venezuelan artist, educator, philosopher, theologian, museologist, critic, essayist, poet and writer Orlando Campos R. points out that Walter De Leon with his works  speaks to quite high demanding figurative painting fans. According to Campos R. paintings of De Leon exude with narrative eloquence and seduce with peaceful, subtle elegance and its particular eye-catching shades.

The opening ceremony was graced by the presence of Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Belgrade representatives. First Secretary of the Embassy ​​Mr. Oskar Suloaga opened this one man show by Walter De Leon.

Dance group “Venezuela” and vocal-instrumental group, made from people who work at the Embassy of Venezuela in Belgrade performed at the opening ceremony. With traditional Venezuelan dances and music they succed to present and managed to approach significant part of their beautiful country to our audience.