Group exhibition “It is possible when it is impossible” was opened on Thursday, 5 November 2015. The authors were members of the famous “Zadar Group”: Kosara Bokšan, Ljubinka Jovanović Mihajlović, Mileta Andrejević, Milorad Bata Mihailović, Miodrag Mića Popović, Peter Omčikus i Vera Božičković Popović. For the first time their paintings were exhibited together in one place in front of the audience.

All these artists had never exhibited together for their life time. Therefore, this exhibition at the International Art Studio “Radovan Trnavac Mica” in some way corrects a historical mistake.

The group of future avant-garde artists, at that time students of the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Professor Ivan Tabaković, in the spring semester of 1947, left the Academy and went to Zadar. Rebellion and “art trip” of these young people, who would later become a famous Serbian and world artists, formed something that will become a phenomenon in the history of post-war local art titled “Zadar Group”. Their rebellion was caused by disagreement of the content and form, which they were imposed as students. It was also an effort to get out of the vicious circle of to war tendency civil painting. The decision to leave the Academy and go to Zadar influenced the creation of a new space in the Serbian fine arts.

“The proof of how painters of Zadar Group were significant not only in Serbian, but also in the world of painting, is the fact that six of seven of them, who in 1952 went to Paris, were awarded with the Legion of Honor medal by French President. No country in the world has that”, said at the opening of this exhibition Mr. Živorad Ajdačić, Secretary General of Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia.

On this occasion Studio specially thanked to Mr. Ninko Radosavljević, Mr. Dragan Vasiljević, also to mr Dajana Đedović, director of the Culture Center “Vuk Karadžić” in Loznica, mr Snezana Neškovič-Simić, manager of Mića Popović’s and Vera Božičković Popović’s Permanent Exhibition of paintings in Loznica, for helping with the realization of this exhibition.

Choir “Emanuil” performed at the grand opening under the baton of Professor Vanja Dragojlović.